4 tips for engineering lead generation

April 1, 2022

Digital marketing for engineering companies doesn’t need to be complicated, instead by having a strategy in place, your business can focus on growing your business and reaping the benefits of engineering lead generation. However, for engineering companies it can be difficult to begin their digital campaign and take the right steps to achieve a high performing lead generation campaign. To help you get started, our 4 tips of engineering lead generation are…

  1. Optimised website

Having a website ready to receive traffic and visitors is an essential part of generating leads for your engineering company. Examples of how to optimise your website for traffic include:

  • Call to action (CTA) areas to capture leads
  • Optimised for SEO purposes e.g h1 tags, URL structure, content, optimised images
  • User-friendly experience, simple to navigate and information readily available
  • Live chat function to allow a quick solution for your potential customers
  • Improving page speeds and loading of your website to improve user experience further
  1. Ongoing strategy

Lead generation for engineering companies is an ongoing task and so, should be approached with the long term in mind. We recommend planning out a digital marketing strategy for your engineering company across 12-months, ensuring this is continually developed and new avenues are explored.

Many of our clients look for instant results, however having an ongoing campaign in place means continued business growth and lead generation for your company. 

  1. Multichannel approach

If your goal is to generate leads online for your engineering business, it is vital to cover the range of different digital marketing methods (if they are applicable to your business). Your ideal customer may interact with different platforms, therefore having a presence across the spectrum means you will be able to capture different client types.

For our lead generation campaigns in the engineering sector, we advise implementing:

Ranking on search engines for key terms and phrases potential customers are searching for e.g ‘engineering company Manchester’ or ‘engineering services’. Having one of the top spots in the search engine rankings means your customers can find you and click through to your website to enquire.

Securing the top spots (labelled AD) for key terms and phrases and paying Google each time one of these adverts is clicked on. Cost per click varies per industry however working with a reliable PPC agency means they will reduce the CPC where possible to get maximum traffic to the website.

Having a presence on appropriate social media platforms will help with overall brand awareness and providing customer confidence when potential customers research your business prior to ordering/enquiring.

Working in tandem with an SEO campaign, having a regular content being published on your website and across social platforms will assist with search rankings and attracting your target audience. For instance, sharing industry insights and engineering trends will help your business attract forward-thinking businesses as clients.

  1. Monitor results

Monitoring results from your engineering lead generation campaign is essential. Without monitoring the leads and traffic being generated, it is impossible to decide how to move forward and where to invest any further marketing budget. We recommend working with a full service digital agency who provide regular reports and updates on the progress of the digital campaign.

  1. Remain flexible

Keeping an open mind throughout your lead generation campaign is important, this will allow you to change your approach as the campaign develops. Often we find new avenues and areas we can target during our client’s campaigns and therefore adopt our approach accordingly.

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