Boosting your SEO Lancashire efforts

May 3, 2016

Based in Blackburn, Lancashire, we are passionate about helping local businesses to boost their online presence through search engine optimisation campaigns.

There are different levels to SEO campaign, depending on your businesses requirements however for small businesses who want to rule their local market a small local SEO campaign would be most suitable.

We have carried out a large number of SEO Lancashire campaigns in locations including Blackburn, Burnley, Preston, Wigan and Chorley. Working with a number of businesses who have struggled to boost their own rankings and have asked us to give them the push they needed.

SEO Lancashire Campaigns

As a Lancashire based search engine optimisation agency we understand how difficult it can be as a business owner to manage your own marketing campaign, especially if you are not clued up in the world of digital and search engines.

When carrying out local search engine optimisation campaigns there are a few key rules to follow:

  • Have a local address and phone number

This may sound simple however it is essential if you want your business to rank in your local Lancashire town, even though it may be tempting to use an 0800 number ensure that for your Google listings you use your local number.

  •  Add a map of your location to your website

Adding a map of your location gives search engines even more signals that you are based in your chosen town, ensuring that your website will rank highly within your local area.

  • Google places local listings

By verifying your address with Google your website will secure a local listing, this ensures that when potential customers are searching for companies within your local area related to your industry your business will appear at the top of search results.

  • Secure 3rd party listings

Posting about your website on local directories, including your website, address and local number can help to boost your local rankings. Most larger directories also offer free listings, this means that is no extra cost to your business to secure these backlinks.

  • Mobile friendly design

All of the above activities can help to boost your SEO Lancashire rankings however without a mobile friendly website Google will not rank your website highly. Ensuring that your website is responsive is essential if you want to carry out a successful local SEO campaign.

There are many other techniques that you could try in order to boost your online rankings however the above tips are the main 5 activities that we recommend to small businesses who are looking to increase their website’s exposure.

Something to also bear in mind is that social media profiles are taken into account by search engines, they crawl the pages and note the location that you have listed.

Struggling with your local SEO campaign?

We understand that as a business owner securing high search engine rankings might not be at the top of your list of priorities however if you want your business to generate sales and leads for you it is important to carry out some form of search engine optimisation.

We have worked with small local businesses to boost their search engine presence, carrying out small SEO Lancashire campaigns to ensure that they are at the top of the search results for potential customers.

For more information on the search engine optimisation packages that we offer contact us by calling 01254 447050.

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