How branded social media boosts your brand

March 7, 2016

Branded social media marketing has established itself as one of the front runners in the best methods of increasing your business’ online profile.

At Infused Media, we believe that it is important to change things up with our social media campaigns, making our clients stand out from their competitors in the online market.

Branded social media is the next step in social media marketing, ensuring that your business is presented as a market leader within your industry.

Branded social media includes creating bespoke image designs that incorporate your brand logo, colours and style of design. Having all of your social media posts branded will ensure that your target market will be able to recognise your brand from just one image.

Branded Images

Some of the biggest brands incorporate their logo and brand colours into all of their social media posts and images, this ensures that everything they do online is influenced and associated with their brand.

Branded images enable you to build up a large social media presence within your sector online.

Our social media team have also found that by branding all images shared on social profiles the number of followers engaging with the posts increases, this is a big factor as one of the main objectives of all social media campaigns should be to increase engagement with potential customers – driving them to your website where they can convert into a sale or lead.

Promoted Posts

As social media platforms have developed so have their ability to promote your company’s profile, they now all offer the ability to promote your profile through paid adverts.

We have worked with many different companies for which we have carried out branded promotional activities for, this includes creative competition ideas to drive engagement and interaction with the brand online.

These promotional posts can be set based on location, gender, interests and age demographics. This feature enables your brand to reach your specific target audience.

Our branded social media campaigns

Infused Media offer branded social media services which put you ahead of your competitors on social media.

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