Google Now changes to affect content marketing campaigns?

March 22, 2016

Search engine giant Google has announced yet more adjustments to their Google Now mobile app which could affect content marketing campaigns.

One of the most prominent features of the Google Now service are the ‘stories for you’, these are tailored to each user’s specific requirements based on a number of factors including trending news, browser history, places they visit and topical stories.

Similar to the search engine algorithm these posts are designed to show users only what they are interested in however, this is not always the case and as a result has been one of the most talked about features of Google Now.

As reported on Marketing Land, the major search engine is now offering the feature of being able to hide posts and news from specific sources.

Due to the inaccuracy of some of the posts being shown to mobile users this feature has been highly requested and is finally being provided by Google.

By clicking on the 3 dot menu users are now able to select whether they would like to block information from sources and publications, if they do select this option they will no longer be shown news articles from this source and Google Now’s algorithm will be updated.

Marketers believe that this new feature could increase the level of engagement that Google Now stories receive, which has been lacking since the application was first released to the public.

It has also been suggested that this feature may result in Google Now being favoured over traditional news sites that display an array of news stories that are not tailored to each user’s specific interests.

What does this mean for content marketing campaigns?

One of the biggest questions that is being asked is what does this mean for businesses that are targeting content marketing?

For some users that are increasing their content marketing campaign efforts and pushing to reach Google’s news section the new changes could be detrimental to their campaigns.

However, providing that you keep your articles and content engaging, creative and informative there is no reason that users should block their updates.

Our content marketing team actually believe that Google Now is the perfect reason to increase your content marketing efforts, placing you and your engaging information directly in front of your target audience is the perfect way to drive the number of sales made from your website.

If you are concerned what the new Google Now update means for your business and your content marketing campaign our team of digital marketing specialists can offer advice on the best steps to take to ensure that users are still viewing your content.

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