Start The Countdown To Your Online Christmas Campaign

December 14, 2018

It’s that time of year again. The shops are getting festive already and enticing us in with delectable early deals. With Christmas appearing in the High Street earlier than ever, is there still time to run a successful and insightful Christmas campaign online? Why, of course there is! Not planning a campaign early enough may feel like a rookie mistake, but there is no need to be down about it. Online promotions and sales strategies means that there is still more than enough time to sell out big time this Christmas.

There are many different ways to attract your target audience during the festive season, but below is a list of our favourite ways to reach out this and get selling;

1. Season up your website

Grab the attention of your customers by introducing a festively themed landing page. You can simply style out your existing images by adding small graphics, or go for broke and turn the whole page into an online winter wonderland. Your page should encourage visitors to stay and purchase goods, and still remain easy to navigate. Make information about promotions and free goodies – like 2 for 1 deals or free delivery – as easy to find and process as possible.

2. Create a Christmas campaign using email marketing

If your business keeps a mailing list, now is the right time of year to make the most of it. You can directly target your customers to alert them to special savings and multi-buy offers, or to just remind them of their favourite products. You could even create a basic gift guide for them, so that they can click directly through to the area of your website they want to visit. A warning though, you must ensure that your site is ready. You will need to add links that take you directly to the advertised products, your customers won’t hang around searching for long. You also need to ensure that you are able to deliver gifts or products in good time for the big day and make sure your customers are aware of any final order dates.

3. Shout about it on Social Media

Social Media is the perfect platform for a successful Christmas campaign. You can quickly and easily reach out to your target audience, in a fun and engaging way. Create a Christmas countdown, sharing offers or deals on a daily basis. Or publish reviews, or gift guides that relate to the products you sell. You can gage your success instantly on social media, as you can see your offers and promotions being shared, tagged and commented on.

4. Give something away this Christmas

To add extra value to your social media platforms or email marketing, create a festive competition or giveaway. Ask customers to answer a simple question, subscribe to your mailing list or follow your page for a chance to win something they consider to be desirable. However you chose to promote using freebies, you and your audience can have a lot of fun with it.

5. Finally, advertise for advent

Platforms like Facebook will allow you to purchase paid advertising to boost your reach, and hopefully your click through rate. Unlike TV or newspaper advertising you don’t need to plan this in advance. Design a Facebook advert that promotes your offers or giveaways, chose your target audience and choose your daily budget! Simple!

However you chose to promote your Christmas campaign this year, remember you still have time. Get planning now, and get ready for a great 2016 Christmas campaign. For more information on the marketing services that we offer and how we can help you to build  Christmas campaign contact our team on 01254 447050.

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