How to create a business Google+ page

With the rise of social media still continuing we are sharing how to create a business Google+ page…

Google+ offers users an opportunity to connect with a community of customers and fans. Google Plus (as it’s also known) is different to other social networks, in so far as it has significant impact on SEO and search traffic volume.

Google Plus integrates all Google services when you’re logged into a Google account. It also makes use of the Google search engine, Google Profiles, and the +1 button.  Sure, you could think of it as a slightly less popular version of Facebook, but don’t write it off just yet – it actually offers a pretty powerful social networking tool for businesses, if you learn how to use it properly.

To start with, you will need to create your own Google+ page. Unlike other platforms, Google+ dictates that you must have a personal profile to link you business to, so let’s run through that quickly;

Setting up your business account

If you own a business with multiple locations, you’ll need to create a separate Google Business Page for each location.  This is because Google+ works on local search information, so to avoid be missed out you will need to may sure all of your locations are covered.

Step 1: Setting Up

Go to and click “Start Now.” Enter the Google account you use to manage that business or that location of your business.

Top tip: You will need a Google account to be able to use Google Business.  If you don’t yet have a Google account associated with your business, click “Create Account” and follow the instructions to get set up. Or you can use your private Google account if you have one and add or remove page managers later in the process.

Step 2: Help Google To Find Your Business

Search for your business by name, using the box in the top left-hand corner.  When you find it, simply select. If, for some reason, you can’t find your business listed, select “Add your business” and get ready to enter more information about it. Google works hard to ensure that every business on their network is genuine, so they will verify the address to choose.  So, be very sure that you input the correct information.

Step 3: Verify Your Business

You can do this instantly via a postcard sent to your address, or through bulk verification if your businesses has more than 10 different locations.

Top Tip: The verification process may not be available for some business categories, so don’t panic if you don’t receive a text or an email.

Fine Tune Your Google Plus Page

There are actually 2 different kinds of Google+ pages: local business pages and brand pages.

Brand pages are designed or entertainment and engagement and don’t feature the “personal” details of the business i.e. the address or opening hours. If you work from home for example, have a small business or are mobile, this may be the best type of page for you.

Business pages are exactly that! These will include your Google Map location (so double check that it is correct), as well as your opening hours, availability and contact information.

Step 4: Optimise Your Profile

Optimise your Google+ profile by adding a profile picture, a cover photo, a tagline and a keyword-rich introduction. According to Google, businesses that add photos to their listings receive 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps and 35% more clicks through to their websites than businesses that don’t. So be sure to add a picture that is instantly recognisable and relevant to your business.

Top Tip:  Google uses the keywords in your profile for SEO purposes, so it is really important that you choose the right key words. Think about what words people will use to search for you on the internet, for example “cleaners” “cleaning” cleaning companies” “London” “Essex” for a cleaning company that covers both these areas. Be sure to add as many as possible to your profile, without compromising the flow of the text.

Step 5: Start Engaging With Other Google+ Users

You are now ready to start sharing content, engage with other people, and connect with friends and colleagues.

Google will also automatically pull in all of your existing contacts from Gmail or other Google accounts.

Add contacts – You can search for contacts that you already have, or you can search for individual friends of companies. You can then add them to your “Circles”, which serve as a way to group people together based around the relation you have with them.  You may have circles for different members of your family, work colleagues or social interest groups.

Join a community – This is where Google+ works well for small businesses that want to generate more traffic to their website and share their news, articles or stories.  When you join a community you will also be able to see what all the other members post too, so you can start to network with other companies in your industry.

Get Posting – Much like other social media networks, Google+ allows you to post photos, comments and links to articles on your profile page.  Remember to add hash tags to your keywords to help with specific searches.  Make sure your posts are relevant to your business and can capture the attention of your followers and circles on Google+.

Google+ has a reputation for not being particularly user friendly, or easy to use.  It also works better as a B2B tool as it seems to have not be able to engage well with personal users.  But, it is definitely worth being involved with, especially if you use Google in other aspects of your business.

Give it go, see how you get on, and enjoy the benefits of a fully comprehensive Google social media strategy.

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