How to create a Facebook business page

We are often asked how to create a Facebook business page by our clients, as users understand that having a Facebook Business Page is just as important as having your own dedicated website.  With more than 1.7 billion users worldwide, Facebook and social media in general offers the perfect shop   window from which to sell your products or services.

Most businesses use Facebook to promote their brand by gaining likes, comments, shares and by advertising directly from their page.  A Facebook Business page can help you to instantly engage with your customers needs and feed their interests.

Not sure how to create a Facebook Business Page?

Follow these simple, no nonsense steps to get your page up and running.

Step 1: Sign Up For Facebook for Business

Setting up a Facebook Business page is quick, easy and most importantly, completely free! Go to and click the ‘CREATE PAGE’ link in the top right hand corner. From the page you are directed to, simply select the category that best fits your own business type, and click next.

Step 2: Tell Facebook where you are

Facebook will present you with a straightforward contact form. Insert your business name, type and address including contact number.  Easy so far, right!

Top Tip: Be sure the details are correct, as your followers will use this information to find you.

Step 3:  Tell Facebook a bit about your business

Tell the world all about your business or brand on the “About” details page. The clue is in the title with this one, as this page tells your followers all about your business.

Start by adding the information that Facebook will use to quantify your leads. You can add categories, a description and even a website link to improve the ranking of your Page in searches.

Add Categories – but chose carefully, as Facebook only allows 3.

Add A Bit More – a few more sentences to tell people what your Page is about.  Don’t go too mad on the details at this stage though, as you can add more later if you wish to.

Add Your Website URL – add your url and confirm whether or not your business is real.

Step 4:  Add A Picture To Be Instantly Recognisable

Simply choose a photo or picture of your logo from your laptop, pc or mobile library and upload to Facebook.   Choose a good one though, as your followers need to be able to make an instant visual connection.

Depending on the sort of business you are, different pictures will work better.  If you are a business, brand or charity your logo will probably work best.  If you are a celebrity or public figure, your own  personal picture will work just as well.  If you are selling a product that is quite specific however, like a cake maker or craft seller, then maybe a picture of your wares would be the best idea.

Top Tip: The upload process is simple, but be wary of logo sizes as the box works best with pictures of 180px by 180px.

Step 5: Add it to your favourites

If you have a personal Facebook account, add your business page to your favourites so you can easily switch between both accounts.

Step 6:  Help Facebook Find your audience

Who is it that you are trying to reach out to?  Whoever your target audience is, Facebook can help you find them.  Simply, answer the questions about your preferred audience location, age, gender and interests and Facebook will filter the type of people who are visiting your Facebook page.  You don’t need to be too specific here, but do put some thought into exactly who you do want to target.

Step 7: Welcome to your New Facebook For Business Page

Ta-da! See, that was easy wasn’t it.

Your new page is up and running and ready to work for you.  Facebook will offer you a quick walk-through of certain features, which we recommend you have a look at, just to help you get to know where everything is.

It only takes a few minutes to set your page up, but making it successful can take a lot longer.  You now need to add content to it to make it bigger and better.

Now you have your new Facebook page, let’s make it awesome!

Add some photos

Add photos that will positively reinforce your brand or help people get an idea of what to expect from your business or service.  You may want to add pictures of your products, or aspirational lifestyle photos of your services. Make sure your photos are good though, as bad or very amateur looking snaps can do more harm than good.

Top Tip: Avoid personal photos were possible, save these for your own friends and family to see.  Clients and potential customers probably don’t really want to see what you had for lunch, your kids first day at school – or worse still, you on a crazy night out.

Add a Call To Action

There are hundreds of reasons why people visit your page, and you may not be able to provide them with all the information they need in one visit.  What you really want them to do, is to visit your website or pick up the phone, and contact you to get the full lowdown on the products and services you offer.

The neat little Call To Action button on Facebook allows you to enter your preferred way for Facebook followers to reach you. Simply pop in your contact number or website and fire away.

Check Your Settings

Your entire Facebook Business Page is controlled from everything behind your ‘Settings’ button, near the top right hand corner of the page. The options here allow you to make changes to all aspects of your page including:

Who administers the page – this allows you to choose who can post on behalf of your business, and reply to your customer comments or questions.

Who can find your page – Here you can define where the page is visible and who can see it, follow it and post on it.

Who is looking at your page – You can get up to the minute information on who has liked, favourited, followed or posted on you page in one easy overview.

Top Tip:  Take a few minutes to go through each setting function and ensure they are set to maximise your views, posts and shares.

Share your page

Now you have your shiny new business page all set up and ready for action, it is time to tell the world about it.  You can add a direct link to your Facebook Business Page from your website, as well as simply asking all your friends and family on Facebook to like and share your page.

Get your new page working for you. Share your news, your offers, your promotions and anything else that will get your audience talking. Post regularly – but keep your posts interesting and engaging. Reply to comments as quickly as you can, and keep your page in tip top condition by regularly looking at it and adding more content for your customers.

You are now ready to go, you’ve managed to create a Facebook Business page! Welcome to the world of Facebook – we hope you enjoy every minute of it.

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