How to create an Instagram business page

As the picture sharing app is becoming increasingly popular and an important tool for businesses we are sharing how to create an Instagram business page.

Instagram – only famous for celebrities taking pictures of their dinner!  Or is it?  What was once considered to be nothing more than a photo sharing app for the vain and the fame hungry has come a long way in the last year alone.  Instagram is now responsible for creating its very own “Insta-celebs” who are amassing a huge number of followers along  they way, with an income and reputation to match.

Big brands have also embraced the power of photo sharing and many of them are using the power of perfect product placement to sell their wares.  Could your business be on board?

Instagram is easy to set up and easy to use.  Although you could probably set an account up on your own, here is our user friendly, no-nonsense guide to setting up an Instagram account for business;

Step 1: Download the App

As Instagram is designed for use on tablets and smart phones, it comes as in App format.  Simply download the FREE app from either Apple Store or Google Play on your preferred tablet or device.

Step 2: Create an Account Using an Email Address

Since this is for your business, we recommend using your business email address rather than a personal one. This will be helpful if you later use the “find friends” feature as it will find all the contacts in your business email.

Top Tip: Don’t log in using Facebook!  Even though Instagram suggests it, you should avoid this option for your business account. Instagram will link you new account to your personal Facebook page which could lead to embarrassing and unprofessional slip ups with future postings.

Step 3: Choose your username

Choose a name that is instantly recognisable and relevant to your brand. Much like Twitter, your followers will find you by searching for your brand name, so your username will need to be as close to it as possible.

Step 4: Choose a profile picture

On the sign up screen, tap on the +Photo button at the top. This is where you set your profile picture. This should really be a version of your logo or something that can be instantly associated with your brand.

Top Tip:  You will be given the option to import photos.  Again, stay well clear of importing from Facebook, as Instagram may pull in images from your own personal page.

Step 5: Start building your profile

Enter your full name and phone number. Add your business and whichever phone number you think your clients would most likely already have for you. Again, this will help you to maximise the exposure of your account through the tools that Instagram has built in.

Top Tip:  Don’t forget to add keywords to your profile where possible.  This can help with searches based on keywords alone.

Step 6: Post your photos

Tap the little blue square in the center of the bottom menu bar. You can either take a photo of yourself right now, or you can go to the camera roll, which is to the left of the shutter button. Tap on the picture and choose a picture from your camera roll

Top Tip: You can only upload pictures directly to Instagram from your smartphone or device. To upload from a laptop or PC, you will need to download a picture sharing app like flume.

Step 7: Use hashtags

This is really important!  Every photo you post should have a brief description and relevant hashtags attached.  This is one of the unique features of Instagram and it’s users know how well the hashtag links work.  Make sure that they are relevant and popular hashtags.

Step 8: Get connected

Engage with other followers by following their accounts and liking their images.  They will be made aware that you are following them, and have the option to “follow” you back.  The more followers your can accrue, the bigger your audience. You can even cross-post selected images to your Facebook page with a hashtag that aligns with your campaign or brand image to help people who don’t know you’re on Instagram to find you there.

Step 9: Post a video

This is a new feature for Instagram that allows you to post 15-second, filter-enabled, editable videos for your followers to like, share and enjoy. Keep them relevant, commercially sensible and entertaining.

Step 10: Promote your services, and enjoy!

Now you are set up on Instagram, you can start to enjoy it.  Post photos, add hashtags and get your goods and services out there for all to see.

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