10 ways to instantly improve your social media presence

September 12, 2020

Everyone wants a quick fix, even in regards to advertising their business and promoting products/services, no one wants to spend hours slaving away especially if they have no interest in social media marketing in the first place.

We are often asked ‘what’s the quickest way to…’ in relation to all aspects of digital marketing, however there is definitely a huge demand for becoming social media “influencers” from brands, making social media marketing one of our most sought after services.

Having a large following on social media is not only good for the ego (you know who you are) but is also very beneficial for potential customers who may be checking your profiles before buying from or working with you.

Often, the more you update your profiles and the higher the number of followers you have/interact with will leave potential customers feeling much more confident that number one, you are actually a real company and secondly that you are trustworthy and will provide the product or service you are offering.

Social media is a huge topic and is a form of marketing that can really help your business to increase brand awareness and generate more sales. We’ve managed to condense our ideas into just 10 easy tips on how to improve your social media marketing efforts.

10 tips to instantly improve your social media presence

  1. Don’t be afraid to press the follow button

Too many of our clients are afraid to follow/like other pages – we ask why?! Following other businesses or business people will make them aware of you and more often than not they will follow you too! Don’t go crazy and follow too many people though and be sure to keep them relevant to your business.

  1. Be sure to post interesting content for your followers

Some brands really struggle to find what works well at increasing engagement and follower numbers. Try some different things, links to your website, images, quotes, general advice on your area of expertise. Be sure to review what you have tried so far and use the technique that is best for your business.

  1. Get involved with local companies and organisations

Dominating your local market also applies to online marketing – be sure that you follow local businesses and interact with them. If you attend an event, be sure to post about it and use the relevant hashtag! This will help you to begin to build a local following on social media.

  1. Use an image on every single post

We know, we know – ‘do I really have to use an image, it takes forever to find one!’ But yes, we would advise using an image in every single update that you post, statistics show that Tweets and Facebook posts with images on get 94% more engagement than those without.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of video

Images are great and relatively easy to source too so they are often the favoured option however, video is not something to be ignored. Creating a snappy, engaging video for your brand can help to improve your social media presence. In 2014 the number of video views on Facebook doubled from 4 billion views per day to a huge 8 billion so get involved!

  1. Create conversation – use hashtags!

Having social media accounts is only part of the story, make sure that you create conversation with your followers and interact with new accounts. There are fantastic hours on Twitter that you can take part in to help gain followers and build a good presence. Some good examples we like to use are #LancashireHour #NorthWestHour and #1pmLunch.

  1. Paid adverts

Making the most of all of the features given to us by social media platforms means delving into paid adverts. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn all offer this service, allowing you to reach a bigger audience by paying for your content to be pushed out to them. You can even select the users who view your advert based on demographics such as age, location and their interests – a great way to reach your target audience!

  1. Add links to your website

Possibly an obvious one but it is sometimes forgotten – be sure to add the links to your social media profiles to your website, these are often included in modern website designs anyway and are a great way to lead potential customers to your regularly updated profiles.

  1. Share your own content

Retweeting other people’s articles is great, especially if they are relevant and say all of the things that you agree with however, sharing some of your own thoughts is even better. Most websites now have a blog section, so update your own with articles about your services or key things happening in your industry, complementing your social media efforts with some content marketing will only boost your presence.

  1. Be human

Lastly but most importantly, be sure to make your tweets human. Don’t be a robot, set yourself apart from all of those automated updates and keep your profiles engaging, creative and representing exactly what your business is all about.

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