Snapchat’s New Snap Map Feature- A New Way To Run Location-based Adverts?

Snap Map, Snapchat’s latest feature, was launched on Wednesday 28th June 2017 and has been created as a way of enabling people to track their Snapchat friends and make plans with them on the go.

It arrives just months after Snap Inc., the creators of Snapchat, bought the social map app Zenly for a few hundred million dollars, and to no surprise, the two apps appear to be extremely similar.

From a marketing perspective, Snap Map could be another way of carrying out location-based marketing and help businesses and brands to target people currently in their area.

How do I use Snap Map?

If Snap Map is a feature that you are interested in using, all you need to do is pinch your screen when on you’re in photo taking mode and the map will appear. Once the map is open, you can scroll around it and see where your friends are located.

Tapping on one of your friend’s avatars will open their personal story. To close the map, just return to photo mode.

How does Snap Map work?

When using the app, Snap Map uses GPS to detect your current location. When your location has been detected, Snapchat automatically assigns you with an avatar that is then shown on Snap Map. The avatar shows your location to your friends and gives them the chance to meet up with you if you’re in in their location.

Furthermore, if a lot of stories are being uploaded from one location, the specific location will turn red on the map. This gives an indication of the number of people in that area.

Snap Map and Marketing

Presently, social media platforms are one of the best ways for businesses to advertise their products and services to people in any location and although Snap Map is only being used to show people where their friends are, it has the potential to run location focused advertisements. This would mean that brands and small businesses would have the opportunity to advertise their products and services to people currently in their location.

For example, if there was an event happening in Blackburn, local coffee shops and restaurants could show an advert between Snapchat stories that would notify people near their business of their whereabouts.

Due to the fact that Snap Map is also intended to prompt users to explore their surroundings, brands could also advertise their services to people looking for something to do in a certain area. An advertisement could pop up on the map that shows a brand name or name of a store. When this brand name is clicked, a window could appear that would show the user the exact location of the store and give them directions on how to get there. This would lead to more people visiting the store and would be extremely beneficial to businesses trying to gain more customers.

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