4 Reasons Why Marketing Sucks

June 6, 2017

Lets face it, Marketing Sucks. The question is… Why?

At times, marketing really does suck- especially for those that have struggled with making marketing work because they haven’t been doing it correctly.
In order for marketing to be successful, there are several things to consider. We’ve given you the four reasons why we think marketing sucks and what you can do to stop it sucking in future.

Content Sucks!

“I update my blog twice a month and it never generates any leads for me.” 

When writing blogs, you need to make sure that the information featured is related to the content on your website and the industry you are providing services or products in.

Most businesses like to post updates about things happening within their company, however, the majority of people aren’t interested in this type of content. This means that posting updates like these can prove unsuccessful. Any content you write needs to encourage people to engage with your brand and should be appropriate to your target audience. Make sure you write about changes within your industry and keep the content interesting.

SEO Sucks!

“I rank for No1 for ‘my company name’ but I haven’t received any traffic.”

In order to rank on a search engine for a specific keyword or phrase, the keyword you want to be ranked for needs to be included in the content featured on your website.

Although it may seem great that you’re ranking high on search engines, it’s no good ranking for your own company name if nobody is searching for that! The keywords used need to have volume to prove successful. Try using keywords connected to your business that people are searching for such as the services your business provides instead.

Social Media Sucks!

“I post on social media once a week but no one ever interacts with my brand.”

Social media platforms are a great way of interacting with your target audience as it gives them an insight into your business. However, in order to get your target audience to interact with your brand, your posts need to be interesting and pertinent to your brand.

Try using images, running competitions to engage with potential customers and sharing other forms of content. Most of all, make your posts unique in order to make your brand stand out from your competitors.

Take note of the types of content that your target audience is interacting with the most so that you’re aware of the best things to post in future.

Backlinks Suck!

“I bought 10,000 backlinks from a company that emailed me and so for I haven’t had a single change in my rankings on Google.”

Backlinks come from websites that are relevant to your industry or location. For example, a website design company in Blackburn needs backlinks from relevant publications or sources such as marketing magazines.

The idea is that having links to your website from related websites that are specific to the industry and that discuss “website design” will increase website authority in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

The problem with buying spam backlinks, for a really low cost, from companies that email you is that these backlinks could come from websites on the World Wide Web that are in any industry- sometimes including adult websites and gambling sites to name a few. These types of backlinks won’t generate any increases in ranking for your business as they are not industry or location focused. Furthermore, search engines penalise companies that buy spam backlinks that will, in some cases, lead to your online presence being restricted.

Do you want marketing to stop sucking?

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