5 Tips For Having A Successful Legal Marketing Strategy

November 29, 2021

Having a successful legal marketing strategy is vital for solicitors to build a valuable client base. Digital marketing for solicitors will target your ideal clients, putting your brand at the forefront of your industry and ensuring high-quality leads are generated via online channels.

Depending on the type of law services your company provides, different digital marketing techniques will more suitable. However, we have rounded up our top 5 tips to creating a successful law firm marketing campaign to help you get started.

1. Have a strong legal content marketing plan

Legal content marketing covers everything from articles on external websites to blogs on your companies own site, through to images and video. Content marketing for law firms is a fantastic way of ensuring that you are appealing to your target audience.

Producing informative, high-quality content for your target audience is a brilliant way of providing value and capturing your ideal clients. Combining this quality content with key words and phrases that your audience are searching for will help your business be found online.

Integrating key words into your website content is one of the key elements of a search engine optimisation campaign, something which should be at the core of any marketing for solicitors plan.

2. Use SEO Techniques for inbound marketing for law firms

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and gives search engines the ability to detect content that is relevant to a specific search.

When key words are entered into a search bar, search engines use a series of algorithms to crawl through the content of every webpage to decipher which websites offer content that is most relevant to a search. Search engines then rank the content in order of relevance.

If done correctly, SEO can improve brand awareness, credibility, and generate leads via your company’s website. This is one of the main reasons SEO has quickly become one of the most popular forms of inbound marketing for law firms. The leads generated via your website are from customers actively searching for legal advice and they have chosen your company based on your marketing campaign, website and company branding/ethos presented to them.

3. Utilise relevant social media platforms

Using social media as a marketing tool is cost effective and can deliver a high return on investment. On most social media platforms, creating a profile is free of charge and the paid advertisement options they provide can be tailored to any budget.

Different social media platforms will be more suitable for your law firm depending on the type of services you provide. For example, Facebook is ideal for solicitors marketing conveyancing services, personal injury, and family law, however LinkedIn may be more suitable for employment law, shareholders agreements and contract advice.

We believe each digital marketing activity for law firms should be tailored to specific requirements, ensuring the overall marketing campaign meets expectations and delivers the results you want for your law firm.

4. Use multi-channel online marketing for your law firm

We always advise our clients to implement a range of digital marketing methods as part of their overarching law firm marketing campaign. Utilising a variety of marketing methods means you will be able to reach your audience on different platforms, from organic and paid search results through to email marketing and social media advertisements.

A successful legal marketing strategy will provide leads and increase overall online presence/brand awareness, which is something that can only be achieved with different digital marketing methods working in tandem.

5. Measure the results of your legal marketing campaign

Any legal marketing campaign should be focused on results, monitoring data, and measuring how successful your activities are proving to be. We have worked with many law firms who have struggled to create and maintain a digital marketing campaign as they have failed to understand the output from their work.

Using insights to improve your legal marketing strategy is vital. For example, if video content is proving to be popular with your target market, increase the number of videos you upload. Or if you are generating high quality leads via PPC advertisements, invest more into this platform. Your legal marketing campaign should change and develop throughout the year for it to be truly successful.

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