7 reasons why WooCommerce is the best choice for your online store

July 1, 2022

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce solution which utilises the WordPress content management system. Offering a customisable solution, which can be combined with bespoke designs, 22% of the top 1 million eCommerce websites are currently using the platform.

At Infused, we work exclusively with WordPress, championing the comprehensive WooCommerce system for all our eCommerce website projects. However, if you are struggling to decide on which CMS to use for your online store, we have rounded up 7 reasons why WooCommerce should be your first choice…

  1. SEO friendly

WordPress work directly with Google, and therefore provide industry leading solutions to help your website become SEO-friendly. Although search engine optimisation is an ongoing task, WooCommerce provides the platform to begin a highly successful digital campaign.

From URL structure through to secure code and extensive search plugins and features, WooCommerce will propel your online store into the digital market. With additional features such as discount codes and detailed analytics, many of our clients select WooCommerce for its SEO capabilities.

  1. Simplicity

WooCommerce is simple to navigate for both frontend and backend users. We have utilised this CMS for many of our clients (most of which have little experience in content management systems) and all of which have benefited from a simple interface, without compromising on the features available.

If you are working with a digital agency to create your new WooCommerce website, training should be provided for the appropriate team members to ensure you can utilise the backend system as much as possible.

  1. Widely supported

WordPress is highly supported by developers across the world, therefore if additional support is required for your website, it shouldn’t be difficult to find. We recommend WordPress to our clients as they can take their website to any qualified developer and feel confident there will be no limitations on their work. WooCommerce also have fantastic customer support for those looking to manage their own website.

  1. Feature rich

WordPress is an extremely feature rich CMS, with so many fantastic options at your fingertips. We have worked with many clients to create bespoke designs combined with an extremely intelligent backend system, utilising a huge range of features readily available in WooCommerce. Our clients particularly benefit from a comprehensive inventory management system, discounts and promotional options and extensive shipping options.

  1. Mould the system to suit your business

One of the key benefits of WooCommerce is the huge range of plugins available, making the access to additional features extremely easy. Creating bespoke elements to your eCommerce website is also extremely simple with custom WordPress plugin development. Plugins can assist with shipping, stock levels, integration with CRM and accounting software, and much more.

Our team are highly experienced in creating custom plugins for eCommerce websites, using our extensive understanding of WordPress to create plugins which are owned by our clients upon completion.

  1. Secure

WooCommerce is an extremely safety-focused content management system. Taking steps such as keeping the website updated to the latest version of WooCommerce, securing login details for all users, working with a secure host and using the latest version of PHP are all essential for the security of your online store.

Due to its range of features, there are also additional security plugins available to ensure maximum uptime for your website.

  1. Scalable

Something we are often asked by our clients at the start of a new eCommerce project, how scalable is WooCommerce? With more than 25% of the leading online stores using this platform, this advanced CMS can grow with your business, making the options for expansion limitless.

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