Why your business needs branded social media

July 14, 2016

There is curious statistic that many people may not be aware of and that is that social media marketing has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.

Now you can maybe guess why, but did you also know that 84% of B2B marketers also use social media in one way or another for their marketing?

With the way our technology and society has adapted and changed in recent years, social media has risen dramatically to being a massive part of our lives. We connect with our friends with it. We connect with colleagues and work acquaintances and even look for jobs using social media. We use social media to keep up with the news and the events of the day.

The online presence of people on one form of social media or another is constantly increasing, so the answer is yes, you definitely need branded social media.

You can use social media posts to drive targeted traffic

With branded social media, you aren’t necessarily going to be aiming for everyone on that particular social media platform. It all depends on your brand and your business.

Firstly, branded social media sets yours apart from any other social media profile doing a similar thing. It also means you can target your posts towards those who you actually want to attract.

On Facebook for example, you can target a branded social media post to the specific groups of people who would be interested. If you run a fashion E-commerce outlet and want to advertise a sale, you would target a certain age group, a certain gender, if your clothing is gender specific, and target those interested in clothing, fashion and style rather than trying to sell bikinis to teenage boys who enjoy guitars.

Social Media boosts SEO

Another part of branded social media that is unknown to some people, is that social media signals actually helps boost your search engine rankings. This means that if you have a strong social media presence, there is a high chance that your search engine ranking will also rise.

Building real relationships with your customers

Social media is all about interacting with others online and that means when you post a picture or a status or a tweet, your customers can interact with you and your brand. You can conduct extensive marketing research into what your customers might like or how you can improve your brand to attract more customers through polls, questionnaires, simply following customers back and seeing what they talk about. All these things are great for improving your brand and your branded social media.

You can also use social media to connect with leaders in your field as well as journalists, bloggers, vloggers, thought leaders and tastemakers. Social media has become the easiest way of connecting with and finding all these people in one place.

Building Brand Loyalty

This might be the most important aspect of branded social media. You can build brand loyalty through your branded social media. If you have an active social media presence that interacts and participates in conversations online, you will find you have a loyal following developing.

Your brand will also spread and become more and more popular. Simply look at the impressive rise of vloggers on YouTube in recent years. All these people did is make videos on YouTube and share them and their thoughts through social media. They know have millions of loyal followers because of how active they are on social media.

If you haven’t got branded media, it is strongly recommended that you consider it because it will help you develop your brand into a force to be reckoned with.

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