5 Reasons why businesses should invest in SEO marketing

May 11, 2018

When it comes to discussing digital marketing techniques, there’s usually a lot of technical jargon thrown about and it’s easy to be left feeling a little confused.

We have decided it’s time to explain one of the main marketing techniques we use, SEO marketing, in simple terms.

What is SEO Marketing?  

SEO marketing comprises of a variety of techniques that organically increase search engine rankings and improve the amount of targeted traffic a website receives. We explore the 5 reasons why your business should invest in SEO marketing…

How does it work?

SEO allows search engines to decipher websites that contain content related to the keywords that have been entered into a search bar.

Search engines use a series of algorithms that crawl through the content on every website listed on the World Wide Web. They detect relevant content through the use of keywords and then rank websites on the relevance of their content. The more relevant the content, the higher a website will rank in the search results.

Why should businesses invest in SEO Marketing?

Anyone who starts a business, online or not, wants it to be successful and SEO is one of the many factors that contribute to the success of a business. So what are the benefits of investing in SEO?

  • Increases Brand Visibility

Due to the fact that everyone uses the internet to search for things, if a company isn’t online it doesn’t exist. The majority of people search for products and services online and having a website that showcases the services a business provides is one of the best ways to increase brand visibility.

Websites allow potential customers to view businesses that they weren’t aware of and because most people only check the first page of search engine results, ranking high is vital for increasing the visibility of a brand.

  • Increases Brand Credibility

It is well known that users trust search engines and when a search engine ranks a website at the top of a results page, potential consumers believe the website is more credible and are therefore more likely to view it. This leads to a greater amount of website hits.

  • Delivers High ROI

SEO is a favourite in the digital marketing community as it delivers a high return on investment. It is cost effective and can be tailored to suit the needs of any business.

  • Increase Conversion and Reduces Bounce Rates

A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors a website has that view the first webpage and then leave the website.

Because SEO increases the amount of targeted traffic a website receives, conversion rates increase and bounce rates decrease.

  • Competitors Are Doing It

It’s best to assume that competitors are using SEO and that they are aiming for the top spot on search engine results. If a business wants to be in with a chance of getting ahead of their competitors and increasing sales, they need to invest in SEO marketing.

SEO gives every business the opportunity to make themselves visible to targeted traffic and gives them the chance to compete against other contenders.

Need More Information?

SEO is only successful when done correctly and the hard work doesn’t stop once a website ranks high. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep a website at the top of a search engine.

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