Five tips for using Twitter ads

February 29, 2016

Twitter launched in 2006 and ever since then, it has grown to be one of the biggest social networking sites in the world. They have around 320 million users every single month and businesses continue to advertise on there as well. If you really want to benefit from using Twitter however, then you need to make sure that you have Twitter ads and a social media marketing account. This is easier said than done, but these top tips should get you well on your way.

  1. Set Up Your Twitter Ads

Simply sign in to your Twitter account to get started. Here you will be able to find out if you qualify for ads, because you need to have a set level of engagement before you can pay for ads. Ads are a crucial part of social media marketing and you would be surprised at how much they could benefit you.

  1. Campaign Type

If you are just getting started on Twitter then your followers will need to be at the forefront of your campaign. Follower campaigns will look like tweets in a timeline and in the box at the side stating who you should follow.

  1. Website Clicks

Twitter will serve you alongside your advertisement campaign and it will show you who is more likely to engage with your advertisements. This will give you a better idea of who you need to target and who you need to cater your tweets for as well so make sure that you take this into account.

  1. Tweet Engagements

Tweet engagements are a great way for you to reach more people on a day to day basis and most of the time people will message you if they think that you will reply to them. If you re-tweet and reply to your comments a lot then you can expect no problems with this and you can even boost them like you can on Facebook if you are struggling to get engagements in the first place.

  1. App Installations

If you have an app and you want people to download it then this is the exact feature that you will want to use. App installations will only show up to your mobile users and this is ideal because it means that you are already targeting your audience. If you advertise your app through your desktop software then you will be advertising to desktop users as well, and although there is nothing wrong with this, you won’t be targeting the people who download your app right there and then so this is again, something that you need to keep in mind.

So now you know the top five things you need to know when using Twitter and you also know how Twitter could benefit you when you use the site as well. In fact, by using these tips, you can be sure to save time, effort and money so you can spend more resources on what works as opposed to what doesn’t.

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