Mobilegeddon take 2: Google updates its responsive algorithm

Back in March Google announced on the Webmaster blog that they would be updating their mobile friendly algorithm from the beginning of May, leaving some website owners wondering what the affect would be on their site.

If your website is already mobile friendly you don’t need to worry, Google explained that it will not be affected by the changes.

The update comes more than a year after the original release of the responsive algorithm that explained if your website is not 100% responsive your search engine rankings will be effected.

Mobile responsive

In April 2015 Google announced their first mobile friendly update which is said to have widely affected search engine results and meant that some non-responsive websites suffered greatly in terms of number of search engine rankings.

Google explained that the changed will be rolled out gradually and if your website is not mobile friendly it will not be knocked off the rankings straight away meaning there is still time to save your website!

Although, the search engine giant has not given any timescales or indications of how long the update will take to make full effect (so if we were you we would get your website down to the responsive shop as soon as possible).

As Google’s mobile friendly algorithm is a page-by-page process it can take time to access all pages and for the search engine to assess whether each page meets the responsive requirements.

With mobile traffic becoming the main channel in which user’s access websites and search on Google it is no surprise that there are more changed to their 2015 update and it will not come as a surprise if there are even more updates in the future.

Is my website mobile friendly?

If you are unsure whether your website is mobile friendly Google has its own mobile friendly tester and of course, a set of responsive guidelines that the website must meet.

Or if you would like some advice on making your website mobile friendly contact us today and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.

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