SEO and PPC agency: Working with a full-service digital marketing team

June 1, 2022

Our SEO and PPC agency are often approached by new customers with a requirement for reliable and efficient digital marketing services.

However, as a business owner it can be difficult to find the right SEO and PPC strategy to suit your business. At Infused we work with clients across a huge range of sectors to create and implement bespoke SEO and PPC services, prioritising your business goals throughout our campaign.

What are PPC and SEO?

The internet contains a whole host of information on the pros and cons of paid vs organic search engine marketing. However, at Infused we use a holistic approach to our marketing campaigns, encompassing both paid and organic options.

Simply put, paid advertisements (PPC) bring instant results in terms of rankings, whereas organic (SEO) takes time, consistency and a whole lot of content creation, onsite works and offsite factors. By combining the two digital marketing methods, your business can be seen both instantly and as time goes on your website will begin to rank for other vital keywords and phrases.

SEO and PPC services working in tandem

Researching digital marketing and confused about whether to opt for a PPC or SEO campaign? Well…why not both?

Our clients often approach us with an idea of the marketing techniques they would like to implement for their business, however we are usually surprised to hear they only wish to try one search marketing method. PPC and SEO working together combines two of the most fundamental areas of digital marketing. Laying the foundations which can be built on throughout the marketing campaign.

We always advise our clients to begin their SEO and PPC campaigns in tandem, whilst the PPC brings in sales and leads, the SEO works are increasing organic traffic and building brand awareness over time. There will be a point in the campaign where both methods are performing optimally.

Throughout our time in the industry, we have focused on creating results-driven campaigns which meet our client’s individual goals and expectations. For a truly successful and long-lasting marketing approach, we advise combining the two services to create a master marketing plan.

Our multi-channel SEO and PPC agency services

We work with businesses throughout the UK on their digital marketing campaigns, providing bespoke advice based on our experience and their previous marketing campaigns. As a full service PPC and SEO agency, our team have a broad skillset across all areas of digital marketing, providing services including:

We understand how complex digital marketing may seem and so, we keep things simple and jargon-free for all our clients. We take a combined approach to marketing, pairing SEO and PPC campaigns with social advertisements and content strategy. This strategy means your brand dominates the online world, covering all channels and a variety of different audiences can be reached.

At Infused our specialist team take the time to understand your business before making recommendations on the best marketing approach to achieve your goals.

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