Social media for businesses

May 10, 2021

Social media for businesses and why its important

We have heard it all…

“Oh we don’t really do social media marketing”
“Social Media is not really a viable avenue for our business”
“We don’t really have time to do social media”


Social media is changing the way businesses are perceived online. In a recent study carried out by the IAB UK found that more than 80% of customers would be more likely to buy from a company that has a more active social media presence than their competitors.

Customers, at least in most industries, would expect some level of activity from the company they are doing business with or buying from. It allows you to not only engage with your potential clients but also shows that you are a forward thinking and active company.

Social media for businesses

It’s common knowledge that for most businesses the local market is extremely important when advertising your services. With Facebook and Twitter’s local search results coming above most national results it is important for your company to be listed and active. When looking for a service a buyer is more likely to choose a local company as opposed to a national company.

Social media strategy and planning

– Know your audience
– Ensure you post engaging content
– Fill out all of your bio, links and profile information correctly
– Ensure your brand is carried across from your website so people are able to connect the two
– What would your followers and fans be interested in? Research the demographic
– Keep active, we would usually post at least once per day for our clients on each platform

Once you’ve got your social media strategy in place, how is the traffic you are generating going to start becoming clients that will purchase your service? Keeping followers and page fans interested with engaging posts and offers and even industry related posts will keep them coming back for more.

Promotional offers could include coupons and vouchers that customers can use on your website or place of business, this could also include seasonal messages and also competitions that cause a lot of engagement with your business.

Knowing your audience is key, put yourself in your customers shoes and ask why they would buy or continue to buy from you? What demographic is your audience coming from? Do they engage with certain offers and posts more than others? Data is the key and luckily for us Facebook and Twitter provide this in abundance!

Social media for professionals

Do you offer a professional service such as consulting or advising? Linkedin is a vital tool for professional service providers. Linkedin allows you to connect to people that would be interested in your services and interact with them and build a vast web of potential new clients. Linkedin is now perceived as the go to social media platform for professional service providers. You are able to build company pages, design your profile and much more.

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