The Power of a Strong Social Media Marketing Strategy

July 11, 2021

As social media marketing is one of our core services we have worked with businesses across a range of sectors and each one has requested some form of social media strategy and marketing from our team.

We have found that not many businesses understand the importance of having a social media strategy in place, they understand that they need some social activity, but the benefits are something they have questions about.

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools around, allowing businesses to directly reach their target audience and present their brand how they would like to be perceived by existing and potential customers.

Benefits of a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

As so many business owners know they need a social media marketing strategy in place but are unsure of the main benefits we have rounded up the top benefits of carrying out regular social media activity.

Increased Brand Awareness

Social media platforms can improve brand awareness as they allow companies to interact with social media users from local areas or across the globe. For example, if a cafe owner in Blackburn wanted to advertise their business to Blackburn locals, they could use a social media platform to connect with potential customers in their area. However, if a corporate company wanted to promote their business worldwide, social media provides a platform for them to advertise as well.

Updating a blog regularly or running competitions encourages users to interact with businesses and share their posts. Each time a post is shared, the brand and its services is introduced to a wider audience. Once brand awareness has been increased, opportunities for improved conversion rates are opened.

Using social media platforms to interact with customers personifies brands and people like to do business with other people.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Social media provides businesses with their own platform meaning that they can interact with their customers directly. Customers are able to ask questions and interact with companies on a one to one level. Receiving personal responses to any queries they have posted shows that a business is focused on providing high quality customer service.

The end result is improved customer satisfaction.

Increases website traffic

Social media platforms make it easier for brands to reach out to potential customers outside of their current loyal customer base. Posting regular content is an opportunity to gain new customers because if people are in need of the services a company provides and know about the company itself, they are more likely to use head to the website and use it for its intended purpose.

Not only does this improve targeted traffic, it also leads to an increase in conversions.

Marketing Insights

Monitoring the activity on a business’s social media profile reveals what customers are looking for. Allowing customers to write reviews and post queries makes it easier to see what works and what needs improving.

There are 1.65 billion active social media accounts globally and 95% of adults aged 18-34 are most likely to follow a brand on a social media platform. These statistics are evidence that having a strong social media marketing strategy can really improve the viability of a brand and increase targeted sales.

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