Our top Bank Holiday marketing tips

April 25, 2016

We all love Bank Holidays, a nice three-day weekend to enjoy ourselves and relax however as a business owner it may be difficult to relax after losing a day of trading.

However, if you have a website your business doesn’t have to miss out on a single day of trading, especially if you have an ecommerce platform to sell your products from. As May has two Bank Holiday weekends we thought we would share our digital marketing ideas to ensure that you reap the maximum benefits from the two three-day weekends!

Any excuse that there is to create a discount code you should jump at, offering your products for a special deal and at a discounted rate will entice customers to purchase from you. The better the deal the more likely your customers are to purchase!

Creating the discount is the easy part of a Bank Holiday promotion, the big question is how do you ensure that your offer receives maximum exposure?

We have carried out numerous promotional campaigns for clients across a large number of sectors because of this we have 4 sure fire ways of creating a successful seasonal sale:

1. Website Promotion

The first one if obvious, create new promotional images for your website and display them at all opportunities across the website. If you have a revolution slider on your homepage this is the perfect place to advertise any special offers.

If your website has been designed to create a simple user experience, there should be areas on the website that you can publish your promotional images. There are also a number of other website related avenues that you can advertise your special offer through including PPC and retargeting advertisements (we would recommend using a PPC specialist for this).

2. Social Media Promotion

Having active social media profiles is essential if you want to create good relationships with your clients and create repeat customers. Social media is also the ideal place to advertise special offers and promotions, each platform now also offers adverts and promoted posts which can be shared with a wider audience based on a number of demographics such as age, interests and location.

When sharing promotions on social media it is also important to include an image, we like to create bespoke images that are engaging for the user.

3. Email Marketing Promotion

Collecting customer’s information is essential for all ecommerce businesses, having a data base full of email addresses that you can advertise new products and promotions to will help to build repeat custom. If you are offering a Bank Holiday sale, we would recommend sending out a newsletter to your existing clients to alert them to the offer and drive them to your website.

4. Offline: local newspaper or relevant publication advertisements

Even though we are a digital agency we also understand the importance of offline marketing for businesses looking to promote themselves to their local or target audience. Securing low cost newspaper or industry related publication advertisements can be one of the most effective ways of advertising special offers and promotions.

However, you must be sure that the advertisement runs for the Bank Holiday weekend and also include an end date otherwise people may try to use the discount offer after the deal is over!

We understand that as a business owner it can be difficult to carry out effective marketing campaigns as well as running a business. If you are struggling to drive users to your website and create an online presence our team can help.

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