Using Snapchat for social media advertising

March 31, 2016

First released in September 2011 Snapchat now reaches the same number of video views per day as social media giant Facebook – surely that’s bound to grab a social media advertising expert’s attention!

With a twist on social media advertising Snapchat has taken over mainstream customer awareness, it’s audience mainly fits below 35 and is based purely on short video snaps that users can send to their friends.

Any social media platform that begins to rival Facebook just 5 years after initially being released to the public is bound to grab the attention of the digital marketing industry however many business owners are asking: how can Snapchat be utilised to gain maximum exposure for my brand?

As we are sure you already understand, the social media marketing industry is constantly changing and developing and there are ever-changing ways to advertise your business and it’s services.

One of the first things that we discuss when having a strategy meeting for a new client is their target market. Without having a deep understanding of who your audience is and how their buying habits work it is unlikely that you will be able to push your products to them.

When thinking about using a new form of advertising it is important to understand who their audience is and whether this crosses with your own idea of who your target market is.

For Snapchat their audience is predominately late teens and early 20 year olds – so first things first if you are advertising mobility scooters Snapchat is not the place for you.

As reported on Digital Arts Online owner of digital agency MRY, David Berkowitz explained:

“Snapchat is a leader in private social media, which was a hard concept for marketers to grasp initially.”

The lack of profile on Snapchat (unlike the most well-known social media profiles) means that your posts must be compelling, there is no profile for your audience to scroll through, therefore your posts must grab the user’s attention from first glance.

As well as creating your company’s own profile Snapchat also provides the ability for ad partnerships, this is where your snaps and content will be displayed on your selected audience’s timelines.

Similar to Facebook advertising this feature means that you can reach your chosen audience, however differs in how the app presents information to users.

As the Snapchat concept is relatively new for most business owners it can be difficult to understand and gain the maximum number of video views and customer conversions from.

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