How much does an SEO campaign cost?

May 19, 2020

The most asked question by the people we speak to and probably one of the most controversial subjects within our industry: how much does an SEO campaign actually cost?

Honestly, there is no simple answer to this question (sorry!) however, as it is such a huge topic and something that leaves a lot of people confused and giving up on the concept of SEO altogether we thought it would be something worth exploring and perhaps, we can shed a little bit of light on the situation.

The basics: what is SEO?

If you’ve found this blog post I presume that you considering running an SEO campaign with a digital agency or freelancer however, we have worked with many clients who didn’t actually know what search engine optimisation services were when they first came to us, but they knew their website needed it.

Search engine optimisation is, in short, carrying out both onsite and offsite search engine optimisation techniques that all work towards increasing your website’s search engine presence. So basically, helping your website to show up when your customers are searching for your products or services.

To give you an idea of what your campaign may consist of some SEO works include:

• URL structuring
• Content re-writes to include keywords
• Meta data re-writes
• Optimising page loading speeds
• Backlinking
• H1 and H2 structuring

When you speak to your SEO specialist they should give you an idea of what work will be carried out each month of your campaign. Something to bear in mind is that the results from SEO do take 3-6 months to take place, so if you are looking for a quick fix PPC may be a better option for you…

What should I be paying for an SEO campaign?

Now you have a brief understanding of what search engine optimisation will do for your website, the question you are probably asking is ‘how much will this cost me?’.

There are different levels of SEO campaign, for example a small local law firm looking to dominate their local area will need a lesser amount of work than a huge ecommerce store with thousands of products looking to sell all over the UK.

When you are giving your requirements to your agency or freelancer they should be asking you questions such as ‘what area would you like to rank in?’ and ‘what is the main goal for the campaign, lead generation, sales or brand awareness?’.

Each business has its own unique requirements and why SEO is so great is that it can be tailored exactly to these, giving you the traffic and level of leads/sales that you are looking for.

To keep it simple we are comparing the two main types of SEO campaign, local and national, and how their budgets differ.

Local SEO

Explaining itself really, a local SEO campaign secures rankings for your business within your local area. Targeting your local customer base this kind of campaign is ideal for those who just want to dip their toes in the SEO ocean and can really boost your brand awareness within your local area.

Depending on the industry that you work in and the area that you operate (if you are counting London as your local area be prepared for a hefty price tag!) a local SEO campaign should be one of the less costly options for you.

We have also created a blog post on how to increase your local search engine ranking results, without needing an SEO knowledge for those looking to increase their presence themselves.

National SEO

Think of it like this, the more areas that you want to target the more complex your campaign is going to be. Ranking across the whole of the UK is not a small task and so, when looking at running a national SEO campaign you should be very realistic when thinking of the cost implications.

If your industry is highly competitive such as personal injury law, clothing products and car insurance this will make it much more difficult to achieve high level rankings so bear this in mind as your budget will be increased.

However, if you are a growing organisation looking to really boost the online presence and lead/sale generation for your business this is really the best option for you.

Invest in SEO and you will benefit…

There are companies that can offer fully-fledged SEO campaigns for just $50 per month, but is that really a service that is going to help your business?

Remember, you don’t have to throw thousands of pounds at a campaign for it to work, but you should be realistic when starting a campaign. Most SEO agencies will also be happy for you to start off on a lower budget and as you reap the benefits increase this slowly.

Something to also bear in mind is that digital marketing is not just all about SEO, there are other activities such as PPC, social media, content marketing and email marketing that your business will benefit from.

It’s all about finding the avenues that work for you and running with them.

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